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Service for common activities

  • Published: Friday, 28 February 2014 14:09
Chief: Boris Obradović
Profession: Economist
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tel. / Fax: 350-715

Service for common activities:

  • - Performing the activities which provide transparency of the work of the Municipality services and participation of local population in public affairs; managing and updating the website of the Municipality; publication of the draft acts passed by the Assembly and the President of the Municipality; publication of the curriculum of participation of local population in decision-making and other documents; managing the organization of round tables; publication of the reports on the results of public hearings, sessions of the Assembly and enacted legislation, activities undertaken by the Municipality services.

  • - Organization of function of information technology services to local government units and public enterprises in order to establish a unified information system.

  • - Preparation of plans and programs for professional development and training of local officials and employees, and taking measures and activities for the organization and implementation of plans and programs of training;

  • - Giving  instructions for use of the subsystem, developing of plans for equipment;

  • - Organization of data protection measures;

  • - Office administration (administrative office and archive matters, activities of receiving and delivering mail, processing of cases and other documents by applying modern information technology, and other activities in the field of office administration determined by statutory and regulatory provisions; Technical and administrative tasks related to the development and use of the stamps of the Municipality and its agencies, and the use of symbols;

  • - The activities of supply, activities of regular and investment maintenance of the buildings in which the local administration, and local communities are located; maintenance of installations, equipment and other assets; activities of insurance of persons and property; Performing and organizing the activities of securing and protecting systems and facilities in which Municipality organs are located, and other facilities, in accordance with the regulations; Doorman’s work; Courier’s work; Activities relating to the use, maintenance and records of official vehicles;  Technical support tasks relating to the use and protection of the flag and coat of arms of the Municipality;  Providing hospitality services for local administration and agencies; Activities of hygiene maintenance in working premises and facilities;

  • - Cooperation with NGOs and other tasks in their jurisdiction.