Chief Administrator: Nenad Djordjevic

тel: (031) 321-052

fax: 322-562

е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chief Administrator:

  • - manages and coordinates local administration of the Municipality and is responsible for its legal, efficient and economical operation;

  • - adopts acts about internal organization and systematization of administration bodies with approval of the Mayor;

  • - appoints and dismisses heads of administration bodies with approval of the Mayor;

  • - resolve stage procedures, when local administration bodies decide about rights and obligations of legal and individuals, about administrative matters which are from basic jurisdiction of the Municipality;

  • - acts on the comments, suggestions and complaints of citizens regarding the work of Administration bodies or on improper relation employees when they are directly referred to him and follows the Administration bodies action when the complaints are referred to the local Administration bodies and takes measures for elimination of possible irregularities;

  • - decides about the requests for free information access within its jurisdiction.

Chief Administrator service performs professional and other duties in function of Head administrator, defined by law.