Secretary: Dejan Radonic
tel. /fax: 321-052
е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Secretary performs the following activities:

• organizing and performing expertise, administrative and other activities for the Assembly and its working bodies;
• preparation of sessions of the Assembly and its working bodies;
• implementation of the Provisions of Law,  Statute, Rules of Procedure and other acts regulating the work of the Assembly and its Working bodies;
• organizing and managing the work of Assembly Office;
• ipreparation of decisions and other acts, programs and informative materials in accordance with the Program of Assembly activities;
• preparation of reports, stenograph, Assembly acts processing and their distribution and the announcement of decisions and other general Assembly acts;
• assisting the President of the Municipal Assembly in his work;
• preparation of request for funding from the Budget for the service of the Municipal Assembly and Assembly Office work;
• approves  funds according to the activities of the Assembly, Working bodies, aldermen and assembly Office;
• Performing other activities according to the Statute and Rules of Procedure;

Assembly Office

To carry out specific and technical tasks to achieve the functions of the local government.